Oliver Outboard FIXation is pleased to list the following contacts for parts that we do not stock. This list is a service to those restoring and maintaining Oliver Outboard motors. Oliver Outboard FIXation is not compensated and makes no representations or warranties of their respective products and service.

Oliver, Chris-Craft, Wizard, Perkins and Anzani Parts.

Good Used and Newly Manufactured.

Cut Your Own Fuel Pump Diaphragm Material.

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Oliver Outboard Coils

Jim Judkins

715-294-2940 (evenings & weekends)


Jim has coils for the J & K series only.

5 ½ hp   6 hp   15 hp   16 hp

Oliver Outboard FIXation has coils for the B series.

35 hp


Note, the 35 hp coils are NOS but have cracks.

Dan can advise on filling cracks and sealing.


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